Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday feels like a Tuesday

Oh what a day!
This morning's VBS was awesome! We had a great time singing and then all the different parts of the program seemed to go super smooth.
After a great lunch we got into a bunch of groups with interpretors and went out to deliver food hampers and pray for the people receiving them. We walked through some of the poorest parts of Empalme and saw homes that North Americans wouldn't say were of good enough to qualify as a garden shed. With every hamper that was delivered, we talked to the person receiving it and prayed for their specific needs. The act of praying for a complete stranger and with an interpreter was a quick way to move team members beyond where they were comfortable and the all did great.
We spent more time cleaning up around Pastor Omar's house and behind the church before Church was supposed to start at 6pm. Then literally at 6:01 I was told that the church wanted our youth to lead worship for the evening. No one was prepared for this, but in the fashion of kids who have what it takes to be heroes, they pulled together a playlist and then did a fantastic job, leaving me feeling like a proud father. With no warning and willing hearts, the team again showed their potential.
Our team of heroes did some more great work today. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I'm not sure of everything that tomorrow holds, but I'm excited to find out.

Have a great day and thanks for checking in!
Terry Ferh
The Sun is out and it feels like it will be a gorgeous day! Today will be special. Right after breakfast we will be preparing food hampers that we get to deliver in person to a bunch of different homes in need. The exciting part of delivering these hampers is that the students get to talk to the recipients and pray with them. Each group will have their own interpreter to bring clarity to the conversation, but this will be something that will push the youth out of their comfort zones. This is a very up front opportunity to share Jesus with the people of Empalme.
And that happens after we've done another morning of VBS. Yesterday we were expecting about 75 kids and we were blown away with about 200. We thought we had been planning for the potential of extra kids when we brought 100 backpacks. We very quickly ran out of craft supplies and needed to improvise. It was really cool to watch the team adapt step outside of what they had planned.
I'm looking forward to God showing up and doing some great stuff again today.
Thanks for praying.

Terry Fehr

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lets Get Started

Good Morning from Mexico,
Last night I arrived at Casa de Esperanza. It was just after 1am and the rest of the team was in bed. Everyone is here and after an exciting journey, we're rested and ready to get started! Breakfast was really good and everyone has grabbed their assignments and is getting ready for the rest of the morning.
Our agenda has changed slightly. We're still starting the week with 3 days of VBS, but our location has changed. We'll be heading back to Empalme to Pastor Omar and Christina's place.
This morning we'll be walking through the neighborhood and telling kids what we're doing and inviting them to join us. Then at 10am(ish), we'll start our first program.

In summary, thanks for praying for our travels. God gave us safety and ease. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we try to serve the youth of Empalme today.

Terry for the Youth Mexico team

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mexican Fiesta!!

Since the first meeting, Daniel has been pumping us all up for the Mexican Fiesta!! I am so glad that I had spent time "planning" the party during one meeting, otherwise I would not have realized how IMPORTANT the hot sauce was. Seeing the group in the kitchen helping prepare was priceless. Thanks to Brian and Russ and input from Daniel, the fiesta was a success!! Brian even managed to bring in a case of "Mexican Coke" (Another must have with Daniel!! My boys think so too!!) It's was funny to see Mason try to figure out how to drink the coke out of the glass bottle. (He'd never seen one before, never mind trying to drink out of it!)

Continue to keep us in your prayers, to keep our heads on straight and not get over whelmed with the busyness this next week. God Bless!

-Clarissa (Adult team)

Monday, December 20, 2010

We're packing our bags!

In one week the youth Mexico team will be leaving on an exciting trip. We are going to Mexico to love and encourage our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ.
Once we've left, please check back here regularly to read updates of what is going on. We covet your prayers and we look forward to sharing stories about what we've seen God do when we get back!

Terry Fehr