Monday, January 17, 2011

O Canada! We're back!
Praise God for safe travels.
Our lives have been blessed and changed by being a part of this team. We have made new friends, not only within the team but also in Mexico.
A very special thanks to the team at Casa de Esperanza - Brenda & Art, Ryan, Itzel, Marilyn, Agustin, Shorty & Juan Carlos as well as fellow mission friends Ted & Maddi, Perry & Monica, Lee, Brent, Mike and Kevin. May God bless you all richly as you continue to work to bring glory to His name!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here we are in Tucson. We had a smooth ride all the way from San Carlos to Arizona, and no issues at the border. PTL! (or as Edward would say - "thank you Jesus") I think most of us have gone to bed to get some sleep before our early start tomorrow morning. Just thought I'd let you know we are safe and sound here and waiting to see our families and friends. Thank you for your prayers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our last day in San Carlos

Today has been an emotional day. It is our last day in San Carlos and we are processing all of our experiences and moments. I don't think anyone here will be leaving as the same person they were when they came.
We did some more work on Pastor Rafael's house - another layer of styrofoam bricks that were angled to make the roof line. The septic tank crew also cemented the tank cover.
In the baby blue house, we put on the finishing touches such as curtains at the windows, shelving, bedding and groceries.
Late afternoon we returned to Rafael's church to do our last kids club, but we discovered that there was a community program going on with at least a hundred children, so we decided to do only the drama and then have a trivia contest to give out more soccer balls. It was good to discover that many children had actually followed the story and knew the answers.
Then we headed back to the baby blue house to present it to Ilse, the new owner. She was very overwhelmed and appreciative and expressed her gratitude through her tears.
Supper today was served to us by Pastor Rafael and his wife Maricela, with help from their sons and sons' girlfriends. It was a very special meal, and included a short program with praise and worship and emotional speeches from Rafael, Maricela and Phillip.
Tomorrow right after breakfast we head out on our long road trip to Tucson. I will miss the daily van rides to the work site (NOT) and bouncing around on the fantastic roads here! Thanks for your prayers - we have certainly felt them. Love to all family back home!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finger painting at the kid's program

The furniture in Ilse's baby blue house

Lunch at the work site (the grey t-shirt crew)

Russ making sure the window is the right height

Typical scene in the neighborhood

It is so difficult to decide which photos to post on the blog, I have so many. Hopefully what you've seen has given you some idea of not only our work here, but also of the people we have met. Tomorrow is our last day working at the site, and we are also planning on putting the finishing touches on Ilse's baby blue house and she should be moving in. We will also deliver the rest of the food hampers and host our last children's program.

Praise God that today's children's program went so smoothly. The children were so co-operative and easy to work with. The street soccer game seemed to be a huge hit and there were some very creative accessories designed with pipe cleaners.

Two more sleeps at this beautiful retreat and then we start to head back home. Pray for travel mercies for our trip back.

Second last day here

I can't believe that we have only 1 day left. The morning was filled with working on the house. The walls are almost finished. yah who! ! Lunch was served at the site, oh my goodness. Empanadas are the best. Well to tell the truth, all the meals here are great and the most wonderful part about the meals are we didn,t need to prepare them and the dish washing is shared.
The afternoon for the women consisted of shopping for a bed and a table with chairs for the cute little house that we finished painting yesterday. The curtains are ready to hang and the shelves will be put up tomorrow. It's exciting to see it all coming together so nicely.
After supper we had the kids club and it was wonderful to hear laughter as they were playing soccer ( even if there was cheating ).Praise the lord!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Danny's day off

I went fishing this morning, and it was pretty good. We didn't catch any fish that we could eat. We saw a seal in the water, and had fish tacos for lunch. I didn't get sick this time!!!
I went shopping with my parents, but I didn't buy anything.
In the afternoon I went to the beach and saw dolphins jumping. There were lots.
Went to a seafood resturant that overlooked the ocean, and had a new york steak. It was good. Then we went swimming at a heated pool and hot tub at a country club.
My favorite part about working on the house is when Pastor Rapheal comes and talks to me, in spanish.

I want to say hi to Jake Wall, and that I'm missing you.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Children's Program

We ran our first children's program, it went well....thanks to Shorty and Dora. I was so proud watching our group work with the children, and all in the small yard at the work site. The fact that majority of the kids hadn't heard the story of David and Goliath, thanks to Harv, Wayne, and Cole who acted out the story.
We got a taste of their chaos, and their need for survival. It came about when we were handing out our little gift for them. We were surrounded with grasping hands of children and moms, that the crowd just didn't get smaller. How different would it be if they turned their eyes and hands to God.
This house is going to bless this neighborhood. The fact that it's being built beside the home of a thief, and physical abuser of his family. It's not by chance! Thank God that He has a plan and is in control of this all.
A highlight of the day is that the oldest son of the man I just mentioned asked Jesus into his heart today!! Amazing!!

Tomorrow is our day "off". I'd tell you what is planned, but we've learned that our plans are always changing.

God Bless!!

Job Site

As you can see Pastor Phil doesn't take orders
to well!

Diner is Served!!!!

Here are a few pics from the job site

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hola mi Amios, I am so glad for all that God is doing here; the prayers that are answered, men and women coming to Christ, connecting with the kids and the jelling of our group. Our days are full and fulfilling.

Thank you for all your prayers,
Blessings from Susan

Hi from Edward

Hello to all my friends back in Winkler. Im having fun in the hot sun. They are making me work really hard. So far I have helped put up the styrofoam walls on the house, helped hold up the rebar so they can wire it together and I've been bringing water to all the others on the team. I've also been cleaning up garbage, and looking out for Cole and Mason.

I got to hold a baby. The baby looked good and wasn't crying when I held it. I also enjoyed the carnival that we had for the children.

The other night we went for a walk and I invited people to the the Jesus Video. I helped put up chairs and carry out box of Bibles to the front.

Yesterday we went to Pastor Omar's house. We played parachute games and had a supper there. We had lots of singing and testimonies.

We also went out for a cheese burger and fries by the ocean. I sat on a chair on the patio and saw seaguls from there. Pastor Phillip, Ike, Shorty and Brent wrestled and fell into the water.

Special hello to Sally, Mr Jake and Elner Wall, Josiah, Candace, Rebecca.

Talk to you all soon


Hello from the Krahn's

Hi everyone,

Clarissa headed out to the site this morning so it gave me an chance to upload some pics of what we have been up to.

Missions is FUN!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buenos Dias,
It is early Sunday morning and I can hear many roosters crowing. Amazingly, the dogs don't seem to be barking today - maybe they also have a day of rest on Sunday. It looks like it's going to be another beautiful clear day.
Yesterday we were involved in the Samaritans Purse Christmas shoebox distribution. It was a big production, with the local children showing us their dancing and singing talents. The children also opened two pinatas and it was total chaos when the candies fell out. Thankfully no one was seriously injured. While the children partied, the adults were sitting on the new foundation of the house which was poured the day before. We had the opportunity to pray with some of them and ask God to answer their prayer requests.
Then the shoeboxes were distributed, along with the candy bags we had made the day before, and the cupcakes we had decorated, which Maddi and Monica had prepared. By the way, these kitchen ladies are incredible - the food here is so good and they make sure we are not hungry. Gracias ladies!
After having lunch at the site, the men began to set up the base of the walls using styrofoam blocks with rebar drilled through them. The ladies were going to paint inside the baby blue house but we will have to wait for another day, as there was another two inches of concrete added to the floor so we couldn't walk inside the house. So we were all supervisors on the job site - I'm sure the men appreciated that! :)
In the evening, most of the team went to an evangelistic service pastored by Ernesto, while some who had stayed back at the work site to finish arrived at the mission too late to follow, so their evening was spent relaxing at the mission.
God has been doing amazing things in the lives of the local people as well as the team, and it has been great to keep getting to know each other better. After the things we have seen here, I know that I, for one, will not be taking everyday conveniences for granted again.
The sun will be coming up soon and I'm sure it will be another beautiful miracle. Today we are attending a church service in the morning at Pastor Rafael's church, and then it's lunch at the beach. Later we will be viewing the house and church which was the project of the last team in March, and attending another service.
Praise the Lord for health and protection for the team. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and I ask especially for those of us today who have left family members back home. Trust me, you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Antonio Rosales

Tonight we headed deep into rural Mexico. We presented the Jesus video to over 150 people, Susan and Ike shared their faith stories and we had the privilege of watching several people accept Christ. Before the video showing we split up as a team, some stayed and played with the kids while the rest went on a prayer walk as well, remind the locals of what was happening. On the video you will get to see that the prayer walkers got a little distracted.

Pastor Phillip
Greetings to all of you back home in Manitoba,

Word can't express what we have seen and experienced in Mexico so far and yesterday was definitely no different. God is moving and it has been such a privilege to be part of this team and an honor that He has made it possible for us to be here.

Yesterday we made great progress on the work site, but that aside we also made great progress Kingdom building. God is opening doors and opportunities to express his Love to the people here in Mexico. Cole has made a connection with some of the boys, (teaching them the arm pit fart) and Mason is having a great time hanging out with Jason. They have become great buddies. Both Cole and Mason have been doing really well and are an asset to the team.

Last night we showed the Jesus video, we had a great turn out. We started off the evening with a game of soccer with the local children and that led to the movie. Many Children and Adults made the decision to accept Jesus and we had the opertunity to provide each of them with bibles. This community has a local church established that will continue to mentor these people in their new Christian walk.

I had the opportunity to connect with a young boy while playing soccer. At the end of the night he too made that decision. During our time here God has been changing hearts and lives not only in the Mexican people but in ours as well. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to what God has in store for the rest of the trip.

Blessings to you all. Thank You so much for your prayers. Keep it up because they are working :)

I dont have time to add pics right now but ill have some for you later.

More than a hamper

Today as we were distributing food hampers we asked one of the women we presented with a food hamper and a bible if we could pray for her. She requested prayer for her father who was ill with a swollen leg. We prayed with her and after further discussion the Holy Spirit convicted her to ask if she could pray to receive this Jesus we were talking about. After more conversation about what it meant to receive Christ she prayed the sinner's prayer and recieved salvation. We then again prayed with her and her family.
Alan Froese

Just a few more pictures

This morning the ladies (and the Mason & Jason team) made 250 candy bags to distribute tomorrow at the shoe box distribution. The rest of the team went to the work site to make and pour the concrete for the house as well as what we are calling the "baby blue house". Ryan picked such a pretty color! Right now we are waiting for the concrete team to arrive back for lunch. Then we're off to San Antonio to show the Jesus film. Beautiful sunny day! Some of us have not been using our sunscreen and it is showing. Please pray for continued health and protection for the team.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Whole New World

I wasn't ready for what I saw today.

First of all, I will tell you what I was ready to see. I was ready to see a building site, stones, cement and lots of people working to create a platform for a house. I was ready to meet new friends. I was ready to pray with complete strangers. This, I was ready for. But when we turned the corner in our vans, I saw what I can only describe as slums, houses made from palates, tin, old signs, bed frames, basically anything was usable.

I don't know why but I didn't expect to see this. I do know that God knew I was going to see this, I do know that God's ways are not my ways, His plans are not my plans and I can safely say I am glad He is in control of this and not me.

As you read this I ask you to pray for our team, pray that we will see what God wants us to see, that we will hear what God wants us to hear.

Pastor Phillip

My blessing in handing out food hampers

When going on a mission trip, I, always want to 'be' the blessing. A group of us handed out food hampers today. I was amazed at how the women shared their prayer requests. When I offered to pray for and give my hamper to one of the women I could feel her hurt and could connect with her because I had lived it out in my own experience. I love how when we open ourselves up to Gods leading He uses us in ways that we could never have imagined!


What the people can teach us!

The people have a big love for their families. They live together, as well as the grandparents often take care of their grandchildren as their (the child's) parents go out to work.
Us ladies got the hampers packed this morning as well as the painting almost all finished on the gifted house.
After lunch two groups of 6 went into the community to hand out the food hampers. Amazing hospitality. Amazing who God placed into our paths. Praise for a woman asking Jesus into her heart! Also for the grandmother who let me in her house to pray over her sick grandson. Amazing what God wants to show us, I pray that it's not for nothing. The children......may God fill us with His love so that through our actions the people can feel and see His love!!

Tomorrow the ladies are staying back to pack candy bags for next Saturday. (We have the opportunity to hand out Samaritan Gift Boxes!!!! The men will be cementing. The evening we're all heading out to San Antonio to show the Jesus video. Pray salvation for the people!!

God Bless, and thanks for the prayers. God is showing Himself!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have ticket, will travel

We arrived at Casa de Esperanza safe and sound tonight and were promptly fed a wonderful meal (which we needed after doing nothing but travel all day...)

By the way, the Polizia in Nogales only stopped our van because they didn't get to the first one that made the illegal left turn in the first place! So we were easy targets.

Tomorrow we begin our work here. Thanks for all your prayers and please continue to pray that we may be effective in carrying out God's purpose for us here.

We will be posting more pictures - tomorrow, since we all need to have some sweet dreams tonight.

Buenos noches!

Posted by Lin

Mexican Police do enforce Traffic laws......

There is a funny story to this. I don't know who could tell it
better, Phillip and his van or Ike's van....or the video camera.
What a long traveling day, but the firsts that some of the group
enjoyed was worth it.
We are all lacking on sleep, please pray for sustainment tomorrow as the ladies pack food hampers. The men
will be finishing the house that was previously started by the youth. As well as we will be handing out the food hampers
in the afternoon.
Going to sleep...much needed sleep. ciao

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I just got word that the team has arrived in Tucson! Praise God for safety.
Hey everyone, we'll see you soon!
This is the picture of Mary painted on the side of a mountain that we drove past everyday on the way to Guaymas. There are a few different places in Mexico with massive paintings, or giant words written with rocks on the sides of mountains.

Dylan and Brendan preparing for the first day of vbs in Empalme

Some of the Girls also preparing for vbs in Empalme.

Greeting the kids on the first day of empalme VBS

Hmm, soccer. the favorite game in Empalme.

Good Morning,
Last night this casa was hopping! All of the kids were absolutely full of energy and looking for any excuse to not go to sleep. And this morning, they are still full of energy and finishing up their packing. We are getting ready to debrief. In half an hour we will have breakfast and if we can make the schedule, the team will be in the vans and driving north by 9am.
Later today I will be getting a message from them as they cross the border and i will forward that to you via this blog.
We are excited to be on the way home. We are excited to have been able to serve, and our prayer is that there will be parts of this experience that will have a permanent impact on us.

Later today I'll send out a message about the team's safe arrival in Tucson.
As well, please check back soon because I want to give you a link to an online photo album that will have everyone's pictures on them.

Terry Fehr

Monday, January 3, 2011

I had a great time playing soccer with the niños! - Dylan... again....
Anyways...the day was fantastic!
Last night we found out about this Señorita who was, at the time, homeless and sleeping in the Fatima church. But... now she has a home because we built her one today!!!
As part of the group we gave our own money towards this project....
I am having troubles writing this blog because Dylan and Allison are really distracting me by talking random words in my ears and I can not concentrate.
OK.....brb I will update this cuz we are going to a near OXXO convient store
So I was going to say...say...say...saysaysaysaysay...who had an accident?I did!
snuggle time on the couch :) hehehehe good bonding times, but actually the day was awesome! We got to build a house for someone unexpectedly. We were informed of this girl last night from our host, Brenda. This girl is 18 years old, lives in Fatima, goes to the Fatima church...and has 2 little boys. When I think of myself as almost 18, it amazes me how different our lives are. Whereas I can come home to my own room, with a family and every need covered, she (and her two boys) gets kicked out of her moms home because they got into a fight. So our team got together and raised over 5000 pesos to build her a house for her and her two boys. We built her a 12x16 home, which is roughly the size of my own room. This is considered a huge house for this area. I don't even have words to describe how I feel about that. It was definitely one of the things that broke my heart on this trip.
Today we spent our last day preparing clothes hampers for some of the families in Fatima, cleaning up the streets around the new home of the Fatima church, and building the home for this girl. It was a super productive and beneficial day. As I think about all I've experienced on this trip, it was a LOT different than what I expected, so right now if someone were to ask me 'how was your trip?' I really wouldn't know an honest answer to it. It stretched me in different ways, which was definitely a good thing. The warm weather also made it a really good experience hehe. I've learned alot, but I'm excited to come home. We got to bless a variety of people in Mexico, but they also blessed us.
so.......Mexico is so awesome! God is here and he is helping us do amazing things for the community and the individual lives of many mexicans who are dealing with things unimaginable to us. Seeing the looks on the peoples faces when we give them clothes or pray for them or give them food is ultimately amazing. they are so thankful for the blessings we have given them, but without our wonderful God, none of the crazzzy awesome things we have done would be possible. the little kids were so happy to spend a few days with us. And when 20 plus people became Christians through are was so touching and put smiles on our faces and even tears of joy because Gods light is shining so bright here in the area we are working.....this trip has been life changing for all of us! Gos is great!
Well, after a bunch of different attempts to upload photos from this adventure, we've come to our last night in Mexico. I'll be encouraging as many youth as possible to make an entry tonight, and when they done, I'll try to put some pictures on again.

We'll see you soon. We'll miss Mexico, but we're excited about coming home.

Terry Fehr

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today is the seventh day of our trip. We went to church this morning in Fatima and it was a great experience. We had the opportunity to renew our faith in Jesus and almost the whole church went up. It was really amazing to see everyone. After an amazing lunch of tacos and rhubarb cake we went to play with some of the kids in the park and had a great time. Then at around 2:30 a bunch of people took off to go climb Tetakawi.(a mountain) They had a great time and they all made it to the top except for Janelle and Meg. A few other people went to the Oasis and they had a lot of fun too.


New Years Day!!

Good morning everyone in cold, cold Canada! No worries, it's not overly warm here right now either...
So yesterday, was probably my favorite day so far of this trip. Since we were up till 12:30 at least 'partying', we got to sleep in till 10. We had a fabulous breakfast in the warm morning air, and then headed off for Fatima. Fatima was... undescribable. When I looked at these houses, I saw more put together houses than some of the ones we saw in Empalme.
The real main difference I saw between Fatima and Empalme was the fact that in Emplame, there were kids everywhere WITH parents. Yesterday in Fatima, there were very few kids that we saw, or got to hang out with, and no parents.
So our project. At the church site, it sort of had the appearance of a junk yard to be. We started filling in one side of the foundation, and also cleaned up branches and garbage, as well as started leveling the ground. But the most fun I had cleaning up, was the glass duty. We all had 'rock chairs' (patent pending by Meg!) and we spent most of the time picking glass up. If you can imagine what 3/4 of a 5 gallon pail looks like, you've seen only a dent of the glass we not only picked up, but could have picked up.
After we cleaned up the site, we pulled out the soccer ball and the skipping ropes, and with the few kids that were there, we started a soccer game and a few of the kids jumped rope. Terry, Juan, and a few other leaders took some kids on a walk around the area.
Ahh yes. Now, the fun part of the day. We came back to Brenda's, and ate. The plan was to go shopping, and then ice skating (Yes, ice skating in Mexico). We went to the Lookout, which was gorgeous!! Not many shops, but the stuff they were selling was beautiful!! The view, as well, was breathtaking! The sunset over the ocean with the mountains... Yup. Amazing.
After shopping was the plan to go ice skating. With Itzy as our guide, we got lost... Not hugely, but sort of. Anyways, we got there, parked, and then were told that the ice skating place was closed. Yay... So, now to this fountain we all figured would be just "a fountain with water, music, and lights." Little did we know, it would end up being some of the most fun I've personally had on this trip to date.
The fountain was beautiful, but as soon as the music started, half of us were up on the poles dancing to the music as the cars came by, as well as doing the wave. That was just the beginning though. The music started getting to us, and the colder we got, the more we wanted to move, so we started dancing. Not only dancing though, but running up to the fountain (it was windy, so the wind was throwing water on us!) and taking pictures posing and getting completely soaked with water!! A few of us went up to the fountain, snapped a few shots, and came back dripping wet, and cold. But that only made us want to move more. Soon we had a Mexican couple join us in our circle of dancing, and it became just this huge party. But see, then Thriller (MJ) started playing. There were a few shrieks when it started, but really, there was only a lot of very wet, cold, and overly happy teenagers enjoying themselves. We danced up and down the street, starting from one end, and eventually working our way to the vans. I think we must have looked ridiculous, but the few people that were watching us seemed to enjoy it! I can only imagine how a group of 25-30 white people dancing on the street and in a fountain must have looked...
After we were partying it up on the street, we headed for the Auto-Kind, AKA Burger King for some ice cream. Yeah, we're nuts. But anyways, it was super cool! I sort of felt bad for the workers though, making 30 things, but hey, they tasted good!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support! Trust us, we love it, and really really appreciate it!! Thanks again!!

-- Payton

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is the sixth day of our trip. It has been so amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. The lifestyle here is so much different than back at home, but its cool to get to live in it for a few days. Today we started our work in Fatima and it was something that I will never forget.
You can see that there is a difference from the city of Guyamas to the village of Fatima as soon as you drive in. The houses in this village are just scraps of whatever they could afford or find in the garbage dump or scrap yard. The strange concept is though, that these houses are not adequate but some of them have satellite dishes, water systems, air conditioning and some even have cars. This just shows where their priorities are. The village we were at today was a very gang and drug involved village, and we found out some really interesting things about it. For example, if a boy gets into a fight and comes home and tells his father that he lost the fight, his father will then proceed to beat him up too, because that means that they don't have a 'manhood' or something like that.
We were cleaning up the yard for the pastor's house when we first got there. After cleaning up the yard, or most of the yard, we played with the kids. The kids here are so different than the ones back at El Palmer(el pal-may), or so I thought. These kids, for the most part, are shy and not as happy it seemed. Almost as if they were scared that you would harm them in some form. More than likely, not all kids were like this, but the few that I tried to get to know, were.
But overall, it was a great experience and I can't wait to go back to Fatima and show the kids there Gods love even more! He has been doing amazing things so far and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for us!
Mandy (:

Happy New Year!

I just want to add one more note. Yesterday was the last day of vbs in Empalme and during the story time there were a bunch of responses from kids and parents alike. There were 20 children who said they accepted Jesus for the first time and just as awesome, there were 11 parents. I get excited about parents accepting Jesus as their Savior because it can completely change the style of parenting and the atmosphere within the home.
Praise God for being at work and using our youth to do great things!
Your prayers are being heard, please continue. Everyday I'm asking this team to go all out and not hold anything back. In regards to your prayers I'm asking the same thing of you. Thank-you!

Today also marks a turning point in the style of service we will be doing. We're moving from VBS in Empalme to construction prep in Fatima. Our ministry style will change from a very direct youth ministry to inviting locals to see what we're doing and telling them who we are and why we're doing it.
I'm proud to be leading this team!

Terry Fehr
Buenos Dias and feliz Ano Nuevo.
That is about the most Spanish that you will get. Other then some tears here and there from the kids missing you all at home all is going well. I have enjoyed this more then I thought I would, (I was scared of the kids) but each one has found a home in my heart, not just with the kids of Empalme but more so the kids from our youth. Parents you should be so proud of you kids, they have made so many friends here they have touched hearts and most importantly they have made God smile with the love they have shown these kids. A request has been asked of Mike and myself that we need some prayer for, more so me then Mike because it effects more people then just us.
God Bless.
Mike and Helen
New Years Eve!
New years in Mexico is something you dont want to miss.
Yesterday was our last day of VBS and we had to say our fairwells to the community in Empalmeu. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things that our group has gone through. Even though there were tears in our eyes, there was so much joy in our hearts. We touched lives. We made a difference, and even though we had to say goodbye we know in our hearts that we will see them again soon.
After eating a hearty lunch we went shopping to a local market. The market was buzzing with people. We saw a few familiar faces, and they were so excited to see us and greet us with big smiles. It was definitely not like shopping at home. there was one block of shops and they were very small usually about 4x4 feet or 4x8. Even though they were quaint there was lots look at. Every bracelet and necklace were made by hand, they were probably the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
In the evening we went to a spanish baptist church and spent the evening with them. We got to sing praises to God, and enjoy a wonderful message shared by the local Pastor. Our message was followed by a potluck supper, and fireworks afterward. If you think thats alot you should also know that there was a pinata, and human fireworks! I am so glad that I was able to spend the end and the beginning of the year with such wonderful people. We started the new year with a prayer and giving hugs to everyone in the church, wishing them a happy new year.
It was a busy day but it was something that I will never forget. We have been truly blessed here, our eyes have been opened and our hearts have been humbled.
Thank you for reading and praying for us on our trips.
Feliz Ano Nuevo and God Bless!