Thursday, January 6, 2011

What the people can teach us!

The people have a big love for their families. They live together, as well as the grandparents often take care of their grandchildren as their (the child's) parents go out to work.
Us ladies got the hampers packed this morning as well as the painting almost all finished on the gifted house.
After lunch two groups of 6 went into the community to hand out the food hampers. Amazing hospitality. Amazing who God placed into our paths. Praise for a woman asking Jesus into her heart! Also for the grandmother who let me in her house to pray over her sick grandson. Amazing what God wants to show us, I pray that it's not for nothing. The children......may God fill us with His love so that through our actions the people can feel and see His love!!

Tomorrow the ladies are staying back to pack candy bags for next Saturday. (We have the opportunity to hand out Samaritan Gift Boxes!!!! The men will be cementing. The evening we're all heading out to San Antonio to show the Jesus video. Pray salvation for the people!!

God Bless, and thanks for the prayers. God is showing Himself!


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