Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finger painting at the kid's program

The furniture in Ilse's baby blue house

Lunch at the work site (the grey t-shirt crew)

Russ making sure the window is the right height

Typical scene in the neighborhood

It is so difficult to decide which photos to post on the blog, I have so many. Hopefully what you've seen has given you some idea of not only our work here, but also of the people we have met. Tomorrow is our last day working at the site, and we are also planning on putting the finishing touches on Ilse's baby blue house and she should be moving in. We will also deliver the rest of the food hampers and host our last children's program.

Praise God that today's children's program went so smoothly. The children were so co-operative and easy to work with. The street soccer game seemed to be a huge hit and there were some very creative accessories designed with pipe cleaners.

Two more sleeps at this beautiful retreat and then we start to head back home. Pray for travel mercies for our trip back.

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