Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day!!

Good morning everyone in cold, cold Canada! No worries, it's not overly warm here right now either...
So yesterday, was probably my favorite day so far of this trip. Since we were up till 12:30 at least 'partying', we got to sleep in till 10. We had a fabulous breakfast in the warm morning air, and then headed off for Fatima. Fatima was... undescribable. When I looked at these houses, I saw more put together houses than some of the ones we saw in Empalme.
The real main difference I saw between Fatima and Empalme was the fact that in Emplame, there were kids everywhere WITH parents. Yesterday in Fatima, there were very few kids that we saw, or got to hang out with, and no parents.
So our project. At the church site, it sort of had the appearance of a junk yard to be. We started filling in one side of the foundation, and also cleaned up branches and garbage, as well as started leveling the ground. But the most fun I had cleaning up, was the glass duty. We all had 'rock chairs' (patent pending by Meg!) and we spent most of the time picking glass up. If you can imagine what 3/4 of a 5 gallon pail looks like, you've seen only a dent of the glass we not only picked up, but could have picked up.
After we cleaned up the site, we pulled out the soccer ball and the skipping ropes, and with the few kids that were there, we started a soccer game and a few of the kids jumped rope. Terry, Juan, and a few other leaders took some kids on a walk around the area.
Ahh yes. Now, the fun part of the day. We came back to Brenda's, and ate. The plan was to go shopping, and then ice skating (Yes, ice skating in Mexico). We went to the Lookout, which was gorgeous!! Not many shops, but the stuff they were selling was beautiful!! The view, as well, was breathtaking! The sunset over the ocean with the mountains... Yup. Amazing.
After shopping was the plan to go ice skating. With Itzy as our guide, we got lost... Not hugely, but sort of. Anyways, we got there, parked, and then were told that the ice skating place was closed. Yay... So, now to this fountain we all figured would be just "a fountain with water, music, and lights." Little did we know, it would end up being some of the most fun I've personally had on this trip to date.
The fountain was beautiful, but as soon as the music started, half of us were up on the poles dancing to the music as the cars came by, as well as doing the wave. That was just the beginning though. The music started getting to us, and the colder we got, the more we wanted to move, so we started dancing. Not only dancing though, but running up to the fountain (it was windy, so the wind was throwing water on us!) and taking pictures posing and getting completely soaked with water!! A few of us went up to the fountain, snapped a few shots, and came back dripping wet, and cold. But that only made us want to move more. Soon we had a Mexican couple join us in our circle of dancing, and it became just this huge party. But see, then Thriller (MJ) started playing. There were a few shrieks when it started, but really, there was only a lot of very wet, cold, and overly happy teenagers enjoying themselves. We danced up and down the street, starting from one end, and eventually working our way to the vans. I think we must have looked ridiculous, but the few people that were watching us seemed to enjoy it! I can only imagine how a group of 25-30 white people dancing on the street and in a fountain must have looked...
After we were partying it up on the street, we headed for the Auto-Kind, AKA Burger King for some ice cream. Yeah, we're nuts. But anyways, it was super cool! I sort of felt bad for the workers though, making 30 things, but hey, they tasted good!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support! Trust us, we love it, and really really appreciate it!! Thanks again!!

-- Payton

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  1. Hi, May the almighty God give you wisdom and a sense of His nearness as you share God's love with others