Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Morning,
Last night this casa was hopping! All of the kids were absolutely full of energy and looking for any excuse to not go to sleep. And this morning, they are still full of energy and finishing up their packing. We are getting ready to debrief. In half an hour we will have breakfast and if we can make the schedule, the team will be in the vans and driving north by 9am.
Later today I will be getting a message from them as they cross the border and i will forward that to you via this blog.
We are excited to be on the way home. We are excited to have been able to serve, and our prayer is that there will be parts of this experience that will have a permanent impact on us.

Later today I'll send out a message about the team's safe arrival in Tucson.
As well, please check back soon because I want to give you a link to an online photo album that will have everyone's pictures on them.

Terry Fehr

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  1. Good Morning All!! We as parents look forward to having our ninos back home to hear about all their adventures in Mexico, also looking at all the great pictures

    Love and prayers Mom (Roxanne)