Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a few more pictures

This morning the ladies (and the Mason & Jason team) made 250 candy bags to distribute tomorrow at the shoe box distribution. The rest of the team went to the work site to make and pour the concrete for the house as well as what we are calling the "baby blue house". Ryan picked such a pretty color! Right now we are waiting for the concrete team to arrive back for lunch. Then we're off to San Antonio to show the Jesus film. Beautiful sunny day! Some of us have not been using our sunscreen and it is showing. Please pray for continued health and protection for the team.


  1. Question? What is this baby blue house? Is this the house that the youth built? Tell us a little more about it. These pictures are really nice ones of Koenes place and the candy bagging. How about a picture of the Fatima concrete pad.
    Thanks for keeping us informed, and I really wish I were there. Buen hecho hermanos!

  2. Hey Jason, Nice to see you working hard in Mexico. Looks like your having fun. Please say Hi to Danny for me too. I am praying for you.
    Maybe we'll have to go to Tim Hortons for coffee when you get home and you can tell me all about your trip.
    CU Soon, Jake Wall