Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Danny's day off

I went fishing this morning, and it was pretty good. We didn't catch any fish that we could eat. We saw a seal in the water, and had fish tacos for lunch. I didn't get sick this time!!!
I went shopping with my parents, but I didn't buy anything.
In the afternoon I went to the beach and saw dolphins jumping. There were lots.
Went to a seafood resturant that overlooked the ocean, and had a new york steak. It was good. Then we went swimming at a heated pool and hot tub at a country club.
My favorite part about working on the house is when Pastor Rapheal comes and talks to me, in spanish.

I want to say hi to Jake Wall, and that I'm missing you.



  1. Hello Big D, Sure sounds like you had a good day off. You must be having a good time. You had steak???YUM, I'm jealous.
    Also sounds like you and your team are doing alot of work, may God continue to bless in your work and wittnessing.
    Looking forwrard to hear about your trip. I'm thinking Tim Hortons, you, Jason Eddy and me, what do you think??
    CU soon, Take care and say HI to your folks, J and Eddy.

  2. Sounds like everyone is having a great time, not just enjoying the sunshine, but also the best "sonshine" that we know.

    I think about the group (not all at the same time !!!!!!!) and all the efforts that are being put into this project.

    Thank you all for your servant attitudes and hearts.


  3. hey Danny!
    Sounds like your having a great time out there!! Wish i could be there with you!
    Nice that you got to go fishing again!...good thing you didn't get sick! :)
    So are you learning lots of spanish? Are you going to teach me when you get back??
    say hi to Jayson for me!
    Enjoy your time out there!
    Praying for you!