Monday, January 3, 2011

So I was going to say...say...say...saysaysaysaysay...who had an accident?I did!
snuggle time on the couch :) hehehehe good bonding times, but actually the day was awesome! We got to build a house for someone unexpectedly. We were informed of this girl last night from our host, Brenda. This girl is 18 years old, lives in Fatima, goes to the Fatima church...and has 2 little boys. When I think of myself as almost 18, it amazes me how different our lives are. Whereas I can come home to my own room, with a family and every need covered, she (and her two boys) gets kicked out of her moms home because they got into a fight. So our team got together and raised over 5000 pesos to build her a house for her and her two boys. We built her a 12x16 home, which is roughly the size of my own room. This is considered a huge house for this area. I don't even have words to describe how I feel about that. It was definitely one of the things that broke my heart on this trip.
Today we spent our last day preparing clothes hampers for some of the families in Fatima, cleaning up the streets around the new home of the Fatima church, and building the home for this girl. It was a super productive and beneficial day. As I think about all I've experienced on this trip, it was a LOT different than what I expected, so right now if someone were to ask me 'how was your trip?' I really wouldn't know an honest answer to it. It stretched me in different ways, which was definitely a good thing. The warm weather also made it a really good experience hehe. I've learned alot, but I'm excited to come home. We got to bless a variety of people in Mexico, but they also blessed us.


  1. Dylan...what is that suppose to mean??!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dylan, did you hurt yourself??
    Your Mother!