Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I just want to add one more note. Yesterday was the last day of vbs in Empalme and during the story time there were a bunch of responses from kids and parents alike. There were 20 children who said they accepted Jesus for the first time and just as awesome, there were 11 parents. I get excited about parents accepting Jesus as their Savior because it can completely change the style of parenting and the atmosphere within the home.
Praise God for being at work and using our youth to do great things!
Your prayers are being heard, please continue. Everyday I'm asking this team to go all out and not hold anything back. In regards to your prayers I'm asking the same thing of you. Thank-you!

Today also marks a turning point in the style of service we will be doing. We're moving from VBS in Empalme to construction prep in Fatima. Our ministry style will change from a very direct youth ministry to inviting locals to see what we're doing and telling them who we are and why we're doing it.
I'm proud to be leading this team!

Terry Fehr

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  1. Hi to all! We are so excited about what is happening there! We continue to pray for safety and that you will continue to be a blessing to those around you and to each other. It is awesome to hear that hearts are being given to the Lord! We miss you lots and love you! BIG HUG for Matt and Janelle!!!
    Love Mom and Dad