Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mexican Police do enforce Traffic laws......

There is a funny story to this. I don't know who could tell it
better, Phillip and his van or Ike's van....or the video camera.
What a long traveling day, but the firsts that some of the group
enjoyed was worth it.
We are all lacking on sleep, please pray for sustainment tomorrow as the ladies pack food hampers. The men
will be finishing the house that was previously started by the youth. As well as we will be handing out the food hampers
in the afternoon.
Going to sleep...much needed sleep. ciao


  1. Ok, I really did not ( at first) recognize the guy Edward was with. I thought he had made a new friend.

    All the best to your team! May God grant good health, strength, and experiences that you know without a doubt that He is there with you!

    Suzy, hope you are feeling better. Praying for you, too.
    A & E Heide

  2. Feeling great! Nothing a good night sleep didn't cure! Thanks for your prayers guys