Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today is the seventh day of our trip. We went to church this morning in Fatima and it was a great experience. We had the opportunity to renew our faith in Jesus and almost the whole church went up. It was really amazing to see everyone. After an amazing lunch of tacos and rhubarb cake we went to play with some of the kids in the park and had a great time. Then at around 2:30 a bunch of people took off to go climb Tetakawi.(a mountain) They had a great time and they all made it to the top except for Janelle and Meg. A few other people went to the Oasis and they had a lot of fun too.



  1. Hi to everyone! It sounds like your all having a good time,I'm happy to hear that things are going so well for the you. We have been praying for you guys.And say Hi to Tanya for us an we miss her. Love Mom Dad THANKS.

  2. Hi! I guess you guys will be thinking about the best top 10 reasons NOT to come home, well, I have a few reasons why you should come home
    1) the sun is shining
    2) the birds are singing
    3) it will only be -18 when you get here (minus the windchill)
    4) we as family members miss you
    5) it has been reaaaaaally quiet in the house, we need some excitement

    Glad that you are doing what you feel God wants you to do.
    Enjoy the last day

    Love ya Mom,Dad & Natalie

  3. Hey guys we really miss you! Bring lots of sunshine and Sonshine back with you. Hope you all have a wonderful last couple of days there in Mexico and have a safe trip back home to Manitoba. The sun is shining. Love you, Mom Mueller

  4. Hey Allison are you having fun?
    Hope you have a safe trip back.
    Love Jasmine.