Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mexican Fiesta!!

Since the first meeting, Daniel has been pumping us all up for the Mexican Fiesta!! I am so glad that I had spent time "planning" the party during one meeting, otherwise I would not have realized how IMPORTANT the hot sauce was. Seeing the group in the kitchen helping prepare was priceless. Thanks to Brian and Russ and input from Daniel, the fiesta was a success!! Brian even managed to bring in a case of "Mexican Coke" (Another must have with Daniel!! My boys think so too!!) It's was funny to see Mason try to figure out how to drink the coke out of the glass bottle. (He'd never seen one before, never mind trying to drink out of it!)

Continue to keep us in your prayers, to keep our heads on straight and not get over whelmed with the busyness this next week. God Bless!

-Clarissa (Adult team)

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