Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Sun is out and it feels like it will be a gorgeous day! Today will be special. Right after breakfast we will be preparing food hampers that we get to deliver in person to a bunch of different homes in need. The exciting part of delivering these hampers is that the students get to talk to the recipients and pray with them. Each group will have their own interpreter to bring clarity to the conversation, but this will be something that will push the youth out of their comfort zones. This is a very up front opportunity to share Jesus with the people of Empalme.
And that happens after we've done another morning of VBS. Yesterday we were expecting about 75 kids and we were blown away with about 200. We thought we had been planning for the potential of extra kids when we brought 100 backpacks. We very quickly ran out of craft supplies and needed to improvise. It was really cool to watch the team adapt step outside of what they had planned.
I'm looking forward to God showing up and doing some great stuff again today.
Thanks for praying.

Terry Fehr

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